Why Backpack Is Important To All Hikers

Thick, wide hip belt

When carrying heavy loads, an effective hip belt can stabilize the pack on your body and also handle load distribution.

Water Bottle Pockets

Most regular backpacks don’t have water bottle pockets. Don’t let dehydration interfere with your journey.

Upper Compartment

Hiking backpacks usually have an upper compartment, where you can keep your gear for quick access in emergency case.

Must-have Features For An Ideal Backpacks

Suspension system

A quality, properly fitted suspension system let you carry loads comfortably and in balance

Framed packs

provide structure and to increase the rigidity of a backpack in order to prevent slouching.

Straps and Patches

Side compression straps can be used to attach skis and other items (trekking poles, tent poles,...)

Internal compartments

Compartments with long zippers that run right around the pack are the easiest to use


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